Camp Information

Sølystgård Camping started 150 years ago as a farm, so the farm itself has enormous walls built of granite.
The place was turned into a camping site in 1968 and during the last 30 years we have tried to renovate the old farm with a gentle touch. Today it’s a modern farm with a thatched roof and respect for the past.
Sølystgård Camping is with all gentleness created with regards for the original landscape of Mols Bjerge. There are many terraces on different levels and with a wide range of plants, shrubs and weeds.
Almost everyone will be able to enjoy the beautiful view over the sea, whose colours change every single day, all depending on the weather.
We have 10 cabins of 16m² for rent, situated in a half circle with 4 beds, 2 bunk beds and an ottoman, which can be used as a sofa during the daytimes and as a 2-persons bed during the night. There is a little tea kitchen with a fridge and a coffee machine, colour TV and carpet on the floor.
We have also one  house of 45 m² with a bedroom, a living room and a toilet. The house is situated only 40 m. from the seaside and has a very beautiful view over the sea. Finally, we also have a house of 22m² with a bedroom, which is situated in a hill only 25 m. from the sea. Also this house has a wonderful view over the sea and along the hills.

Please call us for more information or if you want to make a reservation.