Your children will enjoy a splendid time at Sølystgård Camping. We have for instance a large playground situated in the middle of the camping site. Parents can easily keep an eye on their kids.
We have 1 kilometer of beach with a water chute, rafts and a bathing jetty. The children can run and catch crabs or build castles, while the parents are relaxing and enjoying the sun.
The place is also excellent for windsurfing. Due to the two bays, you will always find the right wind direction.
What about inviting your spouse to our Jacuzzi, shaped as a heart, after having played tennis or boules. That’s really relaxing!
Or what about making a trip along the waterside? The hills are about 30 meters tall. Walk to General Ryes Entrenchment, where you have a magnificent view over Dragsmur and Mols Bjerge, with its two bays: the bay of Ebeltoft and the bay of Begtrup. The entrenchment was used in the Danish-German war 1848-1850. The Danish general Rye took his squads to this site when they crossed the southern part of Jutland.
The squads were transported to the island of Funen. From there they took part in the decisive battle of Fredericia. The Danes won, but had severe losses. One of them was general Rye.

It is said that the Vikings in their time did not sail around the bay, but carried their ships over the small tongue.

If you walk in direction of Fuglsø (2 km.), you will reach Mols Bjerge, where a lot of great nature experiences are waiting for you, including many hills and clefts, which can be dated back to the Ice Age.